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What We Use forPerfect Sound

Moksha Recording Studio offer clients an endless choice of great recording studio equipment

To get a more comprehensive idea of the gear found in Voicer Studio, please see below for our full recording studio equipment list. Every piece of equipment we own can be found here on this list, and we update it regularly for new additions (we’re always adapting to shifting musical landscape).

Whether you’re looking for a specific vintage ribbon mic or a rare 70’s compressor, we hope this list gives you some clarification. If you like what you see, please get in touch to book in some studio time with Moksha


  • Rode K2
  • Se Electronics 4400a (2 pieces)
  • Shure Sm58
  • Shure Sm57
  • AKG C451 (Stereoset)
  • Golden Age R1 (2 pieces)
  • Electrovoice RE20
  • Senheisser MD421 (3 pieces)
  • Senheisser E902
  • Shure Beta 91A

Controller Room

  • Pre Sonus 32sc Digital Mixer
  • Universal Audio Twin
  • Yamaha 16 Channel Analog Mixer
  • Mk3 Machine
  • Sea Board Rise
  • Casio Privia Piano
  • Yamaha H8 Monitors
  • Presonus iris 5 inch
  • Korg Analog Synths
  • M audio CODE 25
  • Sony 5.1 Dolby Atmos Surround


    • Pre Sonus Eris 5 inch
    • Prodipe 8 inch
    • Sony 5.1 Dolby Atmos Surround
    • Yamaha H8
    • Shure SE315 in ear monitoring
    • Senheiser HD 215 (2 pieces)

Jam Pad

  • Takara Powered Monitors
  • Marshall MG30GFX 30 watt
  • Tascam live digital mixer 8 channel
  • Yamaha Mg16xu ( Analog Mixer)
  • Drum Kit
  • Bass Guitar
  • Casio 8000

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